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    https://files4.ecfiles.com/3181/slideshows/homeLarge/Screen%20Shot%202019-03-03%20at%2012.33.20%20PM.png OLV Lenten Schedule Click to view all the important dates and events for the Lenten season at the OLV! https://d2wldr9tsuuj1b.cloudfront.net/3181/documents/2019/3/Flyer-%20Lenten%20Programs%202019.pdf _blank
    https://files3.ecfiles.com/3181/slideshows/homeLarge/Screen%20Shot%202018-02-11%20at%208.14.56%20PM.png Lenten Reflections Click to view daily Lenten reflections by Bishop Robert Barron! /2019-lenten-reflections _self
    https://files4.ecfiles.com/3181/slideshows/homeLarge/CC.jpg Masses, Confessions, and Other Events Moving To The Cathedral Center Due to the start of the Cathedral renovation, Masses, Confessions, and More are now being held at the Cathedral Center. /cathedral-renovation _self